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The Advantages of Revitalizing Your Home Preserving the unique features and qualities that drew you to the home in the first place.

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In today’s homeownership landscape, something extraordinary is happening. With housing shortages and rising interest rates, many homeowners are choosing to update and renovate their current homes, making them more functional for the long term. Liza Hausman, vice president of industry marketing at Houzz, a home remodeling resource, notes, “We’re also seeing an uptick in additions, with the vast majority of homeowners hiring professionals to achieve their goals.”

Staying Put: A New Homeownership Trend

Schools, communities, and neighbors you love are hard to find, making the decision to stay in your cherished home all the more appealing. According to the 2023 U.S. Houzz & Home Study, more than 3 in 5 homeowners (61%) plan to stay in their homes for 11 years or more following their 2022 renovations. Notably, the share of homeowners renovating with the intention to sell soon has decreased by half since 2018, from 12% to 6%.

Creating Harmony Between Old and New

The true art of home revitalization lies in the ability to blend the old with the new seamlessly. Contractors like Matt Olliffe excel at this craft. They take the time to understand your vision, working closely with you to ensure that the renovation enhances your home’s aesthetics and functionality. The result is a harmonious balance where original features and charm meet modern convenience. Your revitalized home becomes a reflection of your tastes, combining the best of both worlds.

Stonehaven Bainbridge Island Builders New work 2023

Navigating Regulations and Honoring Character

Navigating local regulations can be challenging during home renovations. However, seasoned contractors like Matt,  based on Bainbridge Island, are intimately familiar with these rules. They know how to integrate modern upgrades while adhering to the guidelines set by local authorities. 

Expanding Living Spaces

Another exciting trend in home renovations is the expansion of living spaces. More homeowners are adding square footage to their homes, with the most popular areas for expansions being kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.

StoneHaven Home Builders Bainbridge Island

Inspiration Awaits

If you’re entertaining the idea of rekindling your love for your current home, we invite you to explore a few project images for inspiration. Consider reaching out to Matt at Stonehaven Homes for a consultation. Finding the right contractor is a crucial step when embarking on a home renovation or addition. After all, living through a renovation means sharing your most intimate space; your trust and comfort level should be a top priority.

The allure of staying in your home, neighborhood, and community is stronger than ever. Homeowners are increasingly choosing to renovate and enhance their existing spaces, making them more functional and reflective of their unique tastes. With contractors like Matt Ollife and Stonehaven Homes, you can create a harmonious blend of old and new, navigate regulations, and expand your living spaces to fall in love all over again with the home you cherish. Don’t just renovate; make your home a timeless masterpiece.

Hand rail systems by Rory Custom Fabrication. All framing and finish carpentry, windows, doors and flooring, siding by Stonehaven Homes. Bringing to life dead space. Note the church bell reclaimed from the top story of the steeple by the front door. This is some really unique living space.

The Sanders Church Steeple Remodel. Fort Ward.

New Work in 2023.
Bring to life dead unused space. Unique living

At Stonehaven Builders, we have been very fortunate to be offered many exciting and challenging projects this summer. Today I am sharing one of those exciting projects. The Sanders Church Steeple Remodel. Fort Ward.

I recently read an article about purchasing a non-traditional building to renovate into a unique home. Have you ever considered converting a church into your family home? This converted church home certainly fits that bill to the tee.

Items of interest I think worth pointing out from our project gallery are:

Handrail systems by Rory Custom Fabrication.
Stonehaven Homes completed all framing and finish carpentry, windows, doors, doors, flooring, and siding. We are bringing to life dead space.

Note the church bell reclaimed from the top story of the steeple by the front door. This is a really unique living space. What do you think? If you end up buying a church for yourself we would love to chat about your goals!

Stonehaven Home Builders Bainbridge Island

What percentage of Americans use food banks?

In 2020, 6.7 percent of all U.S. households reported using a food pantry, an increase from 4.4 percent in 2019.Nov 8, 2021

Half the Stonehaven Crew flexed their pecs for a good cause this morning and loaded some seriously impressive food donations for the food bank. I love this community……because this community cares….
Stonehaven Home Builders Bainbridge Island
Stonehaven Home Builders Bainbridge Island
Stonehaven Home Builders Bainbridge Island

Additional programs for free food in Kitsap County

Many other free food pantries operate near you and there are also government assistance programs, such as school lunches or USDA commodities. These are available in Kitsap County along with resources such as Meals on Wheels or soup kitchens. Various charities and non-profits help feed the hungry, poor, and less fortunate. Call 206.545.6600 for referrals.

Bainbridge Island Helpline House
Address is 282 Knechtel Way NE
Bainbridge Island, Washington, 98110
Phone number – (206) 842-7621

Bremerton Foodline
Address of food pantry is 1600 12th St.
Bremerton, WA, 98337
Phone (360) 479-6188

Central Kitsap Food Bank
Address is 3790 Anderson Hill Rd NW
Silverdale, Washington, 98383
Call (360) 692-9818
This center provides food, groceries, and surplus commodities to local pantries, churches, and charities. Those organizations then accept applications and distribute food to the needy in Kitsap County.

Fishline Food Bank & Comprehensive Services
Main address: 19705 NW Viking Avenue
Poulsbo WA 98370
Phone 360-779-4191
Fishline serves the North Kitsap Community by providing free food, a number of emergency services and resources to transform lives. The non-profits vision is a community where a safety net exists for all people regardless of age, race, or background. Assistance includes adequate food, shelter, healthcare and employment.

North Kitsap Fishline
19705 Viking Ave NW
Poulsbo, Washington 98370
For information on the pantry, dial 360-779-5190
This non-profit provides referrals. Learn about everything from free hygiene or household supplies (like detergent, soap, or cleaning items) to food like fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, dairy, and canned groceries too.

Kitsap County and regional Catholic Charities
Regardless of race, religion, language, or immigration status, emergency assistance is offered. This can include free food from the pantry or hot meals from the soup kitchen. Churches and charities in Bremerton and the county feed the hungry, homeless, Latinos, and immigrants among others. There is also information on free lunches, snacks and support for children, including financial help. More on Kitsap County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Life Care Community Services at Spirit of Life Lutheran Church
Address is A3901 SE Mullenix Rd Port
Orchard Washington, 98367
Phone Number: 360-876-5094


Provides a food bank which serves Kingston, Indianola, Suquamish, Port Gamble, Eglon and Hansville area residents.
Food bank address – 26021 United Rd NE Suite A
Kingston, Washington, 98346
Phone number (360) 297-2266

Silverdale United Methodist Church
Address of church – 9982 Silverdale Way
Silverdale, WA, 98383
Telephone – (360) 692-9813
Food pantry at church is open limited hours.

South Kitsap Helpline
Address 1012 Mitchell Ave
Port Orchard, Washington, 98366
Call the helpline at (360) 876-4089
Meals, groceries, surplus government commodities, breads, and other services are made available in the form of referrals to Kitsap County soup kitchens or food pantries.

Spirit of Life Lutheran Church
8730 Phillips Rd. SE, Port
Orchard, WA 98367
Telephone number is (360) 876-5094
The Food bank is open Saturdays 9 am-1 pm. The church can offer hot meals, breads, fruits/vegetables and other types of non-monetary aid.