Stonehaven Homes

Resilience Redefined: Stonehaven Homes’ Celebrates the Restoration of this Yeomalt Home

On December 27th, this stunning waterfront home was flooded by king tides. The entire ground floor of this recently completed renovation by Stonehaven Homes was damaged by salt water.

Today, we look back on a remarkable journey of resilience, restoration, and patience. This beautiful home has been reinstated to its former glory. A huge thank you to Stonehaven Homes crew and subs. This was an endeavor that was nothing short of extraordinary.

There is a collective exhale of satisfaction and accomplishment as we turn back the keys to the homeowners. We are grateful for a precise and detailed renovation that is now complete and allows the homeowners to return to life and business as usual.

This a challenge we do not wish to face again, but we reflect on the completed project with a sense of pride – The Yeomalt Project stands not only as a testament to the unforeseen challenges life may present but as a shining example of the strength inherent in the collaboration between homeowners, subs and Stonehaven Homes.

Feeling grateful today.