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Stonehaven Sponsors UW Construction Management: Team Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable Building is the future we seek and we support.

Construction has been a passion and field of choice for me these past 20 years. I love the team I have built and the opportunity to share the trade with the next generation. My son will be making it his future as well. Stonehaven Homes was asked and quickly accepted the opportunity to contribute to the future by sponsoring this recent event. Here is what we just received as an update on our sponsorship.

My son Ben (- second on left) co-captained the group with Alex.
Stonehaven Homes,
“On behalf of the UW Sustainability team, I would like to thank you for your contribution to our competition success at The Associated Schools of Construction, Reno Competition. The University of Washington took home first place in the Sustainable Buildings competition, which focuses on green building techniques and consulting. The Reno competition has been recurring throughout our coursework over this current and past school year, ever since we were admitted into the Construction Management Program. Reno was a great setting for our team to showcase our knowledge and skills outside of our regular classwork and exams. Pre-COVID, the University of Washington has been a notably uncompetitive school at Reno, only taking a placing position in 2020 when the sustainability team received 2nd. This year, we had five undergraduate teams and one master student team compete in a variety of categories: Heavy Civil, Commercial, Mixed Use, Design Build, Integrated Design Build (Masters Students), and Sustainable Buildings. Unfortunately, none of the other teams placed, but then again, none of them were sponsored by Stonehaven Homes! 
We used the sponsorship money to procure shirts, a mobile hotspot, food and supplies during the competition, all of which helped us create a winning proposal! Thank you again for your generous support; we hope we did you proud. “
Alex Hasenstab (UW Sustainability Co-Captain)

Green building is a term widely used but only sometimes understood. I am sharing this definition from Wikipedia: Green building refers to both a structure and the application of environmentally responsible processes and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Wikipedia

Stonehaven Homes’ steadfast commitment to sustainable building practices is evident through its enthusiastic support of educational initiatives like this competition. By sponsoring events that promote green building techniques and consulting, Stonehaven Homes is not just a leader in the construction industry but also a champion for a greener tomorrow. It is my joy to support these educational opportunities to ensure the next generation has the tools to build a better tomorrow. Awfully proud of the UW team of young people and their devotion to a greener tomorrow. ~Matt