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Transforming a High-Bank Waterfront Home with a Stunning Entryway Upgrade

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Nestled along the picturesque Pacific Northwest coastline, a classic waterfront home stood tall, its charm undeniable, yet lacking a crucial feature—a welcoming front entryway. Enter Stonehaven Builders, skilled carpenters, and masters of architectural transformation. The result? A breathtaking fusion of craftsmanship and design is the hallmark of this elegant entry upgrade, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, adding allure to an already stunning property.
High-bank waterfront homes possess an inherent allure. However, even the most picturesque homes sometimes require thoughtful enhancements. Such was the case with this particular residence, where Stonehaven Builders embarked on a mission with the homeowners to turn up the personality of this lovely home. Stonehaven Builders graced this classic PacNW home with an elegant entryway upgrade complete with a solid vertical grain fir door, clear cedar corbels, and tongue and Groove cedar soffit, trimmed out and stained to match the existing.

Stonehaven Homes Bainbridge Island Remodelers

In the Pacific Northwest, where nature reigns supreme, building a home isn’t just about shelter—it’s about harmonizing with the stunning landscape that surrounds us. From rugged coastlines to towering evergreens, the beauty of the Northwest is unparalleled, and our architecture should reflect and celebrate that natural splendor. At Stonehaven Builders, we believe in letting nature be the ornament, using materials that blend seamlessly with the environment and embracing the weathering process as part of the beauty. Here are some guiding principles we follow when crafting homes in this breathtaking region.

Stonehaven Homes Bainbridge Island Remodelers
Stonehaven Homes Bainbridge Island Remodelers
Stonehaven Homes Bainbridge Island Remodelers

Create Sheltering Overhangs, ESSENTIAL in the Pacific Northwest

With perpetual rain in the Northwest, deep overhangs are essential. These overhangs keep the rain off windows, doors, and siding, prolonging the lifespan of the building. Moreover, when designed correctly, they provide a sense of shelter and warmth, enhancing the overall comfort of the home.
Opt for Subtle Colors

In a region known for its dark and drizzly weather, subtle colors can make a world of difference. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian architecture, which uses soft yellows and oranges to complement the gray skies, we experiment with a more colorful palette to create a sense of warmth and coziness even on the gloomiest days.

Stonehaven Builders renovations companies near me
Stonehaven Homes Bainbridge Island Remodelers
Stonehaven Homes Bainbridge Island Remodelers

In essence, crafting a home in the Pacific Northwest is about more than just erecting a structure—it’s about honoring the beauty of the natural world and creating spaces that seamlessly integrate with it. By embracing the principles of nature-inspired architecture, we ensure that each home we build not only withstands the elements but also celebrates the unparalleled beauty of the Northwest landscape.

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